Buy Facebook PVA accounts

One of the beneficial ways for businessmen to promote their business is to buy Facebook PVA accounts. Facebook pva accounts provide better access to the market. One can get multiple benefits by purchasing a Facebook PVA. It is good way to enhance the exposure to the original parent website. By adopting this strategy, you don’t need to wait for the traffic to get increased at its own. On the other hand, you can create a positive effect to promote the credibility of your page.


Facebook PVA accounts benefits the people having business. When it is felt that a specific page has been visited by a lot of members of Facebook, it automatically, gets higher rating on different search engines. Consequently, the traffic has been enhanced for a particular business. In this way, the business has been marketed successfully and offers great benefits. If one has access to a Facebook account by using one’s phone, it is considered as more authentic and useful. So, for better marketing, buy Facebook PVA.

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Buy Facebook PVA accounts

Buy Facebook PVA accounts

We have six packages for you :

  • Buy 1 Facebook PVA. Price of these is $3.
  • Buy 5 Facebook PVA. Price of these is $13.
  • Buy 10 Facebook PVA. Price of these is $24.
  • Buy 50 Facebook PVA. Price of these is $75.
  • Buy 100 Facebook PVA. Price of these is $130.
  • Buy 500 Facebook PVA. Price of these is $600.

Features of these Accounts :

  • These are Phone Verified Accounts.
  • These Accounts come with complete Profile including Display Picture.
  • All Accounts are created with unique IP address.
  • We will give you passwords of both Facebook and the email accounts which is attached with facebook account.